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Hartford Campus IT Advisory Committee

The Hartford Campus Information Technology (HCIT) Advisory Committee serves the local governance group for technology at the University of Connecticut Hartford Campus.  The committee serves in an advisory capacity to provide guidance and feedback to the local IT support staff on topics related to technology, its application, and use on the campus in line with University, Hartford Campus, and UITS’ mission and goals.

Participants of the committee include individuals who represent the campus community in both a technical and non-technical capacity.  The duties and expectations of the participation are in addition to the duties expected of each participant within their own areas.  As needed, other members of the central IT support staff, as well as community members, may be asked to participate and the discretion of the committee, campus director’s office, and/or committee chair.

The over-riding themes for this group are tactical and inter-unit related, with commitment to:

  • Serve as a clearinghouse of information for understanding the strategy, direction, services, roles, and activity of the overall campus in an effort to improve technology application and effectiveness.
  • Identify and communicate broad-based technology needs across the campus to the committee and its chair for action and guidance, and assist in planning for resolution of those needs as requested.
  • Provide operational analysis and/or review for planning topics undertaken by the committee and presented to the campus council and/or local deans, directors and department heads.
  • Serve as a means to identify and/or clarify the role and interactions of technology within the campus service areas, and adjust those interactions and expectations as necessary to enhance those services.
  • Provide a forum for peer support and feedback on common departmental needs.

Committee Members

Louis Boudreau Diane Labonia Heather Pease Maria Winnick
Alaina Brenick Katherine Libal Jose Luis Ramos Yvette York
Stephen Bustamante Laurie Makowski Peter Tribuzio
Wade Gibbs Steven McDermott Nicole Williams