Content Creation and Guidelines

In an effort to maintain consistency, as well as a polished, professional appearance, the following guidelines should be read and understood before content is submitted for approval. Following these guidelines ensures that your message will look its best and reach your audience as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Content Criteria

  • Brand Compliancy – All content should adhere to Brand Standards
  • Text – Use larger font – 30pt – 40pt+
  • LengthReadable within 7-10 seconds!
  • Imagery – Must be appropriate and copyright compliant
  • Size – Must be 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Format – Must be .jpeg .jpg or png

Designing 16:9 Images

Images with a 16:9 aspect ratio are submitted to display in the content area on all digital signs

16:9 Ratio Slide Example


Using Microsoft PowerPoint to Create 16:9 Images

  • Download the UConn Hartford approved digital signage templates
  • Open the template you wish to use
  • Design your message using PowerPoint
  • Save your message as a .jpeg, .jpg or .png file


  • In Microsoft PowerPoint: Select File > Save As > Save As Type > Select JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpeg)


  • In Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: Select File > Export... > File Format > Select JPEG
  • In Microsoft PowerPoint 2011: Select File > Save As > Save As Type > Select JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpeg)
  • Use the submission form to submit image for approval

Successful Image Examples

Jonathan wants Y-O-U to run for ASG

The Writing Center is open now!

All VCR units have been removed from classrooms

2015 Writing Contest Slide

2016 Honors Program Information Session

Paws to Relax 2016 Slide

2016 Winter Intersession